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Scented Dreams

  We all know that the smell of lavender evokes the calm and readiness to enter a peaceful sleep.   I think with your favorite flower on your bedside table in a scent that you favor, you’ll have that restful night … Continue reading

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Succulents, so trendy, so hot, so fun!

  Who knew Mother Hen and her Chicks would be so trendy?  Not me!  Who knew that you’ll find Succulents in a bride’s bouquet and in her wedding décor?  Not me! But I do now and here is how I … Continue reading

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A Masterful Outdoor Room Retreat!

After a long hard day of work or play, a glass of wine on the deck with my sweetie is in order!  The views are stunning and a huge reason that we purchased our home.    Right off of the Master … Continue reading

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Planting Party Seeds!

When is a Potting Bench more than a place to plant your flower pots?  When it’s party time!   Years ago, owning a potting bench was this gardener’s dream!  In fact reflecting back, I seem to recall a Potting Bench, that … Continue reading

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Red Roses, Valentine’s Day and Love

  Go hand in hand and generally the men in our lives fork out the big dough for these beauties.  Years ago I told my husband that florist roses just didn’t do it for me and that I liked the … Continue reading

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Amaryllis ~ A Winter Beauty!

  The botanical name of this beautiful plant is Hippeastrum.  It is native to Central and South America.  It is usually grown in pots and forced into blooming at Christmas.  There are various colors available in reds, pinks, salmon, orange, … Continue reading

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For Spring Blooms

What does Fall = Spring mean?    Late summer, early fall is when the garden shops get their Fall bulbs.  By this time of year, catalogs of Fall bulbs are in the mail.    Last year, fall of 2009, after finishing the landscaping of … Continue reading

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