Skulls and Other Creepy Creatures!

 Skulls and creepy crawly creatures spells Halloween fun!

Halloween seems to bring out the kid in me as you’ll see in with this tablescapes creation!   Skulls are everywhere this Halloween, and a must to get your scary on!  I hope you enjoy the fun I had in creating this just for you!  I think it is sophisticated enough for an adult dinner party.  Who would you invite for a bit of bone chilling soup?   


In creating any tablescapes remember it’s all in the layering and you’ll start with the basic as I did here with the pure white tablecloth, followed by the black spider web square table topper as you can see the white below allows the black cut out topper to really stand out.  Creepy isn’t it!


As you’ll soon see it’s all about layer after layer that creates a fun tablescapes that is sure to feed the eye and delight the senses.   When I saw the Willow House Monarch Grand Lantern, I knew it was a piece I would enjoy!  It certainly is a show stopper and looks perfect in the center of the table, add a glitter skull with some Spanish moss underneath and you start to create that eerie Halloween feel.  I searched for the a black crow which I knew if wired to the top of the Monarch Grand Lantern would look perfect.


I happened to find not only the Skull, Black Crow with eyes that light up and blink but also a black feathered Owl, with the same eyes that light up red and blink at Randee and Company!  Frightful fun isn’t it!


Although the Monarch Grand Lantern is a statement piece I still need to make it more of a focal point, with the black feathered wreath from last year’s find, it created the addition and worked beautifully with the black feathers of both the crow and owl!


Using the Willow House Villa Stoneware dinner plate, I folded the black napkin and wrapped it to create a band which in turn would make the Cinnabar Accent Plate in the blood curling red to pop!  The only big splash of color and what a bit of fun the red creates!  Do you agree?


Topping the Willow House Cinnabar Accent Plates is the Willow House Amelia Thimble Dome, the perfect place to add another layer of fun as well as a party favor!  The Eyeball is actually a hand soap purchased at the Basket Loft. To help complete the look I added a bit more Spanish moss which keep the eyeball from rolling around the saucer.  Just to tie the look I added a black feather under each of the Willow House Amelia Thimble Domes, again the black and the red pop against each other!  Adding a little wire spider that I purchased at Right at Home in Park City makes on shiver looking at the orange beady eyes! 


Can you see how the glass of the Willow House Amelia Thimble Domes and the Emerson Stemware helps to clean up the table?  That is what glass can do any time you feel that your décor or table is becoming a bit too much!  Glass cleans up the look!


The Skulls you see sitting in front of the Willow House Adelaide Flatware and the Gallery Flatware were purchased last year from Pottery Barn along with the Spanish moss and straw mice that you can see in the Willow House Demibottles Trio. 


Adding a bottle of Spider Wine in the Willow House Belle Meade Three-in-one Container finishes the look and is ready for dinner guests!  The Wine label is in Martha Stewarts Halloween line this year.


I had fun sharing this with you!  Who-who had fun too!  Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me!




About LindaVuichBurt

I have a passion for setting the stage when entertaining but also in decorating my home. As a professional stager and an Independent Willow House Design Consultant, I help others create warm and invitng homes! I enjoy creating a warm and welcoming home enviroment not only for my family but for all who enter, by delighting and exciting the senses of guests, all the while making them feel welcomed and comfortable. It is so fulfilling when I can help my friends do the same. Whether you realize, that when you serve your family breakfast, you are entertaining them with food and by setting the table, to the dishes you use to serve, you are entertaining! We all entertain to one degree or another. From the beauty of the dishes you choose, to a table cover or place mats, that is a form of not only entertaining but decorating. I hope through my blog you will be able to take away fun ideas that you can incorporate into your life style. I hope you come back often, share this with your friends and share your successes with the ideas you find in my blog. Enjoy! Linda Your Independent Willow House Design Consultant and Professional Stager!
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13 Responses to Skulls and Other Creepy Creatures!

  1. Sally Eidson says:

    Fabulous! I didn’t know you were a Stager too, Linda. The pictures are so beautiful and so clear. Love your blog, Sally

    • Thanks Sally! Yes I am a professional Stager. I love everything to do with the home and I love helping people fall in love with their homes! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for your comments, I appreciate it!

  2. Pam says:

    Very cute! I love the web table cloth!


  3. Angela Harden says:

    Hi Linda-I LOVE your tables capes! Thanks so much for breaking them down into layers and showing us how you did everything, I liked how you used many of the same pieces in each display and changed out the accessories…VERY versatile pieces and I loved how you used them! Angela

    • You are Welcome. I LOVE those dishes because they are the little black dress of dishes. Beautiful, elegant, casual, fun, everyday or special occasion dishes! That you can mix and match with! Glad you are enjoying the tablescapes!

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  5. Kay Moretz says:

    Where did you find the spider web topper? I would love to buy one,

    • Sorry for the delay in replying Kay! The Store was local and has since gone out of business. It was one shop that I frequent. However, this Halloween, I did see some close to mine at Joann’s Fabric. You can even find material that and create one! Try googling a Spider Web table covering and see what might pop up!

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