Pressed for time? Make your closet work for you!

 Many years ago I learned a fabulous tip that I still use today.  It has served me well and I think you’ll agree it makes total sense.  It’s all about your clothes closet.   We all have those days when time seems to slip away by a task that seems to be taking too long, next thing we know we don’t have much time to get ourselves together for an engagement. 

We all remember those scenes in a movie, where someone opens a closet and everything falls out only to bury the actor!  Don’t laugh, I have a closet in my house that does this exact thing.  In fact take a look!   This belongs to my daughter and she is in for a surprise this Sunday, we can clean this up together, or Mother does know best and I’ll clean it up when she is at work!   Knowing this would be the perfect picture for this posting, I opened up her closet only to have that backpack fall at my feet!  Yikes!


So what do we do and how do we set up our clothes closet making them work for us in our haste to get ready and depart for the day?  We have different clothes for different seasons!  I’m sure you wouldn’t think about wearing wool pants in the summer heat, now would you?  We’ll start by separating out our wardrobe.  For years now, I have rotated my closet to fit the season and you need not have a big closet to do this.  Think about it, when you stand in front of your closet or in your walk in closet, you generally stop in one place time and time again.  You stretch to reach the sides.  Why not put the current seasons clothing right in front of you? 

 Let’s get started, I want you to pull all the same color clothes together.  All white, all black, all red, grey etc.  Yay, I am so excited for you as this is going to make sense and make life easier!  Now that your there, the next step will be to put each color grouping in order and here we go, working with just tops put all short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, etc, next to each other.  Perfect and now go hang them up in your closet if you took them out in the first place.  Continue on until all tops, blouses, sweaters are in order in their color grouping.  Now we move on to pants and then skirts, dresses, jackets, etc!


Hang all pants together in their color grouping, you decide which color to start with.  I generally look at the lighting I have with my closet, in the dark areas I tend to put the white or lighter colors and the dark colors where there is plenty of light.  Make sense?


Hang all skirts together as well and perhaps dress shorts, and then Dresses. 

 While your at the task of organizing your closet, this is the perfect time to make a pile of unwanted or worn clothing to be donated.   My rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn it in the last season, pitch it, because the chances of you wearing it again are slim at best.  There will be new clothes, new fabric texture, style and prints and someone out in the world could really benefit from your donation.   An added benefit of cleaning your closet is that you actually have more room for your clothes to hang nicely which will lend itself to fewer wrinkles in your clothing.  I for one would rather take one TV show and iron all the laundry then to once again race about with my selection and iron! Yes, I like my clothes to look pressed! 

 Now when it’s time to get dress for the day or evening out, you’ll go to your closet, feel in the mood to wear a pair of brown slacks, and either have a color in mind for your top or have a certain blouse that you purchase to wear with those pants, you can now find it fast and easy because your closet is now color coordinated!  How sweet is that? 

Why stop there, I do it with my shoes too and here I sort not only  by color but by sandal, high heel, dress, casual, etc.     


As you can see this isn’t hard to do, it truly is a time saver, invest in a little time up front and you’ll end with less stress!  Now isn’t that what we all strive for, less stress?

 Side note; as a Professional Home Stager, my tip is, when selling your house, if you are serious about moving, then I strongly urge you to pack up whatever season of clothing you don’t currently need.  You want your closets to look big, huge!  If they are crammed full, then the buyer will think they won’t have enough room either!

 Have a happy less stress kind of day!



About LindaVuichBurt

I have a passion for setting the stage when entertaining but also in decorating my home. As a professional stager and an Independent Willow House Design Consultant, I help others create warm and invitng homes! I enjoy creating a warm and welcoming home enviroment not only for my family but for all who enter, by delighting and exciting the senses of guests, all the while making them feel welcomed and comfortable. It is so fulfilling when I can help my friends do the same. Whether you realize, that when you serve your family breakfast, you are entertaining them with food and by setting the table, to the dishes you use to serve, you are entertaining! We all entertain to one degree or another. From the beauty of the dishes you choose, to a table cover or place mats, that is a form of not only entertaining but decorating. I hope through my blog you will be able to take away fun ideas that you can incorporate into your life style. I hope you come back often, share this with your friends and share your successes with the ideas you find in my blog. Enjoy! Linda Your Independent Willow House Design Consultant and Professional Stager!
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